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Frequently asked Questions

How do I get you to place lockers on my site ?

  • Use the contact us link on this website or simply call us NOW on +44 131 360 0003

  • Or... Click Here and send us a message.

  • We will arrange to visit you on site to discuss how we could proceed

What is Revenue Share, exactly?

  • You enter into  revenue share agreement with Ulockers

  • Ulockers provides, installs and maintains the systems at 0 cost to you.

  • You can take all the cash yourself and we will invoice you for our share monthly.

Is it not better just to buy a locker system.

  • We think not.

  • Ask yourself - Is my core business, researching, buying, installing, maintaining and operating a locker system ?

  • We think the answer will be "NO"

  • We are the experts - you concentrate on your core business and we will provide the locker service free of charge - PLUS give you a healthy share of the revenue generated..

What do I have to do as part of the agreement ?

  • We believe in partnerships.

  • As you will already have security or guest service we will train them in how to handle day to day customer service questions and issues. Meaning we do not have to provide 24 hour on site staff presence, but be ready to attend immediately of any fault develops.

  • This allows us to offer you a great share of revenue as it keeps our costs down.

  • If you agree to collect the money from the systems we can offer you a higher % of the revenue share..

Who gets the money ?

  • If you agree then YOU do.

  • You remove the cash as when you wish and we invoice you for our share monthly.

  • If your chosen system accepts credit cards then we will advise on how your share reaches your organistion

What does it cost me ?

  • Power that is the same as a nt light bulb - 100 watts !

  • No other costs

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