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What services do we offer ?


ulockers offer world class quality electronic locker systems for use in locations where self service and secure storage is required by the public. Ideal in the likes of shopping centre's, back packer hostels/hotels, major tourist attractions, exhibition centers, amusement parks, sporting and entertainment venues.


ulockers offers its service at NO COST to the partner operators on a concession/revenue share basis. NO capital outlay, NO maintenance costs, NO support fees and a sizable share of the extra revenue they will generate. Each ulockers system is specifically designed to offer a quality added value service for your customers. We survey, supply, install, maintain and remotely manage  all our systems 24/7/365 and share the revenue with you that they generate.


With over 20,000 such lockers already in service worldwide, ulockers exclusively offers this innovative service here in Europe. All our systems are manufactured to the highest ISO9001 quality assurance standards, are attractive, easy to operate and virtually maintenance free.


 ulockers hassle free service has gained the enviable position of being a number of major venue operators 1st choice suppliers of client lockers - be they shopping centre management, youth hostel operators or other public venue owners.


Each ulockers system issues the user a unique bar coded receipt for the rental, which the customer then uses to open the locker as often as they like during the rental period by simply presenting that receipt to the inbuilt scanner — no lost keys, broken padlocks or even the need to remember your PIN number — they need only scan their unique receipt and the locker springs open.


Only ulockers service INCLUDES customer contents insurance up to £500/€500 per rental. This cover is supplied by a triple A listed insurer.

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