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What do ulockers do ?


Ulockers specialise in the provison of  Revenue Share electronic locker systems, as a service, to Theme Parks, Hostels, Hotels, Shopping Malls, and Clubs. No Capital cost to you, no service costs ....just an excellent locker service and additional revenue to your company.


With thousands of our locker cabinets now operational in Europe we understand how to ensure that your guests are delighted with the locker service and ensure that your company benefits from a solid reveue stream as we share the revenue generated with you.


However, it ts not just about additional revenue streams; it is about enhancing the guest experience, reducing hassle, increasing security whilst reducing the workload on your staff that a traditional locker system requires.


Our systems are remotely monitored 24 hours a day 365 days a year ensuring that our staff know exactly what is happeing on your site at any moment.


Every one of our locker openings is provided with theft insurance up to €500.00 / €500.00 as part of our service offering.


With  our service you are freed from the worry of ensuring you buy the corrcet number or mix of sizes as we will use our knowldge and experience to providewhat what is just right for your site and your guests. But if you need more or less lockers or a differnet mix of sizes theh thats all taken care of free of charge within our service offering.


Our Mission:


To have every one of our customers 'delighted' with the service we provide to them.


To work in partnership with our customers to the benefit of them, their guests, and ourselves.


To grow our business in partnership with our customers ensuring we continue to provide the best concession locker service in Europe

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